2013 Shoebox Challenge

OCC-openingThank you to those who participated in the 2013 Shoebox Challenge as we continued our ongoing partnership with Operation Christmas Child. The Shoebox Challenge at Herschend Family Entertainment resulted in over 233,000 Shoeboxes in 2012 and over 350,000 in 2013 through churches that participated with 7 of our properties.  We have set a goal for 500,000 boxes for 2014 and hope you will join us!  Stay tuned for the registration deadline and Challenge participation details.

We hope this video will encourage you as you see the impact that churches in the United States are having on churches around the world through Operation Christmas Child. The shoeboxes you lovingly pack are reaching more than just the children who receive them. It affects their parents and even the local church community as a whole. Lives are changing, and churches are growing!

2013 Shoebox Challenge Update

Registration for the challenge closed on November 10 and Shoebox Count Confirmation closed on December 15. We have sent 2014 complimentary, individual tickets earned by U.S. mail to the Challenge Contact’s address  provided at time of registration – not the church address.

If more than one person from a church provided a Shoebox Count Confirmation, we use the most recent submission for ticket reward purposes and for any communication going forward. If your church qualified for tickets and you have not received tickets prior to April 1, please tell us here.

Thank you!


Ticket Reward Details:

  • One (1) ticket will be rewarded for 25-50 packed shoeboxes.
  • One (1) additional ticket will be rewarded for 51-75 packed shoeboxes.
  • One (1) additional ticket will be rewarded for 76-100 packed shoeboxes.
  • One (1) additional ticket will be rewarded for each 50 packed shoeboxes beyond 100.

Click below to calculate how many tickets your church will receive.

Click the links below for more information on completing the Shoebox Challenge.